Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The woman is the only hope for humanity to survive (Osho)

The heart is still primitive. And it is good that the universities have not yet found a way to teach the heart and make it civilized. That is the only hope for humanity to survive. The woman is the only hope for humanity to survive. Up to now, man has been dominant, and man has been dominant for a very strange reason. The reason is that deep down man feels inferior. Out of inferiority, just to compensate for it, he started dominating the woman. Only in one sense is he stronger than the woman, and that is in muscular strength. In every other way the woman is far stronger than the man. The woman lives longer than the man, five to seven years longer. The woman suffers less through diseases, illnesses, than the man.

The woman is the only hope for humanity to survive (Osho)


baawra said...

Beatiful. Hard fact to digest but have to accept the fact. Timing is perfect when the West is trying to impose ban on Veils & burqas and trying to put an end to this old age system of male dominance. Mad people still wanted SHE must be kept behind the mask. Truth triumphs inspite of religious commands and customs. HE must accept that SHE is going to rule the world in future.
East may have forgotten the past but they were worshippers of feminine energy, called SHAKTI.(THE POWER).

Greek Translator said...

The issue of male domination is not the only one. Equally important is the issue of female degeneration into "traditional" male values (women trying to imitate the worst men have to offer, like the obsession with power and Ego, rampant consumerism and hence the selection of males with plenty of money but not ethics, etc.). Women should steer away from imitating the bad that men have to offer and which is so prominent in popular culture.