Friday, 26 October 2007

Control, A film about Ian Curtis and Joy Division

Excellent performances by all actors. Sam Riley as Ian Curtis is indeed very convincing, even Ian’s mannerisms on stage are very well enacted. Alexandra Maria Lara is an extremely sweet presence, as Annik Honore, Ian’s extramarital affair.
Some very funny and tragic lines at the end (“your confusion, my illusion”), Ian trying to convince his wife not to divorce him:

—I do not want you to divorce me
—But you are in love with someone else
—And what’s that got to do with us?

The end is so tragic and poetic at the same time. Atmosphere is the track that comes with it, the same way The End is the tune played at the end of the film The Doors.

For hardcore Joy Division fans this is a realistic depiction of Ian Curtis’ life and times. A great opportunity to listen to all the favourite Joy Division tunes. However, I would not recommend this film to people who are not close to Joy Division in the same way I would recommend the film The Doors.

Control at Wikipedia